Why Group Fitness?

The world is propelling forward with major innovation. From grab-n-go electric scooters to farm-fresh delivered floral bouquets, there are intelligent people aiming to revolutionize the way we live. Who are the faces behind all these creative new products?

Behind every life-changing product is a talented team who needs a break. They need a moment to breathe, to stretch, and to sweat their way towards more innovation.

Cue in: Arrival Fitness. In one hour, you could develop a stronger team, boost company culture, and plant seeds of inspiration.


With a good ‘ol sweaty workout — one that helps employees escape the chaos of the day only to return rejuvenated, empowered, and tenacious. Trust us, it works.

Arrival Fitness is a health and wellness company that brings fitness experiences to the workplace. Whether you’re looking for a weekly fitness class, a health-oriented workshop, or an engaging and unique off-site, we are your team. bringing highly effective and enjoyable workouts to your workplace. Prepare for a team of more refreshed, energetic, and happy employees.

Once you arrive, anything is possible.

Jackelyn Ho,
Founder + Lead Instructor

  • International Fitness Instructor since 2009
  • Former Nike Trainer
  • Trainer for the Lakers Youth Foundation
  • Certified in Yoga, TRX, Pilates, Cardio Kickboxing and General Group Fitness
  • Current Instructor at UCLA, Hurley, and CRUNCH Fitness
  • Columnist for Inc. Magazine