What is a Fitness Experience?

We’re talking cold lavender towels. Extremely experienced, talented, and down-to-earth instructors. Seriously good playlists.

Arrival Fitness provides top-notch fitness experiences and classes that make you feel rejuvenated, empowered, and giggly (it’s hard to keep a straight face after a few treacherous burpees).

We are focused on making every single participant step out of their crazy day and into a brand new mindset. Yes, our workouts really can do that.

If you’re looking to boost company culture, develop a stronger team, or plant seeds of inspiration, this is it. Trust.

Class Menu

High-Intensity Happy Hour

This class pairs together bursts of dynamic exercises with short rests. Whether you’re training for another sport or just life, this class will leave you feeling more powerful, strong, and agile. Come prepared to put in some hard work through both solo and partner/group exercises.


Peach Power

Sweat and sculpt your way to a stronger lower body with Peach Power! This unique class blends your favorite (or not-so-favorite-but-very-effective) dynamic cardio exercises with slower, focused strength movements. It’s one of those classes that will leave you sore the next day and possibly the day after that. But, it’s not scary or intimidating – it’s totally liberating and empowering.


Perfect Posture Pilates

You know those muscles that you forgot existed? Well, they’re very much in existence and ready to get some lovin’! This class will focus on building major core strength, improving posture, and of course, those forgotten muscles.


Yoga for Tight Everything

Tight shoulders? Crazy day? Too many conference calls? Say goodbye to all of the above (well, maybe just reschedule those calls)! This class focuses on dynamic yoga postures, deep stretching, and of course, core work. You’re going to love this mid-day shake-up.


Mastermind Meditation

Goals can become blurry and forgotten ideas without dedicated visualization sessions. In Mastermind Meditation, you’ll settle into restorative yoga poses while your instructor guides you through an adventurous and honest journey. Expect to gain clarity and sparks of much-needed inspiration.


Abs, Abs, and More Abs

Let’s just say that this class may or may not have something to do with abs. This popular strength session is usually paired with High-Intensity Happy Hour or Peach Power for a well-rounded experience.


Single Class

Want to take Arrival Fitness for a test drive? Need us to step in for a quick team bonding moment?

This one has your name written all over it. We’ll tailor the class just as your heart desires.


Weekly Classes

This one is for teams who are in it for the long haul.

Warning: Committing to weekly classes may create feelings of happiness, relaxation, and die-hard focus.

3 Classes a Week: $140/session

2 Classes a Week: $145/session

1 Class a Week: $150/session

Elevated Experiences or Wellness Off-Sites

Now, these are super fun.

Got a special product launch? Did your company hit their goals? Or, are you feeling nice?

Elevated experiences and off-site wellness retreats can be hyper-personalized to your expectations and include unique activations, vendors, and out-of-this-world experiences.

Think big. Think crazy. Think the impossible.

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